MASKS ARE BACK!! : Singapore records more than 56K new COVID-19 cases, New variant JN.1 spreading in India & China.

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Dangerous ‘superbugs’ are a growing threat, and antibiotics can’t stop their rise. What can?

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MedAlliance, USD 1.135 Billion Deal

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Morning brief: Republican lawmaker pushes to oust House Speaker McCarthy, UK’s healthcare racism, & more

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Human lifespan till 120 years?, US doctor claims stem cell research will make it possible in next couple of years.

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What To Know About Zuranolone-The First FDA-Approved Oral Pill For Postpartum Depression.

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‘Powerful’ new RSV prevention drug should be available to all infants this fall, CDC says

Come fall, a new antibody drug should be available to protect U.S. newborns and infants younger than 8 months from severe RSV infections. Every infant and child under 8 months … Read More