The death toll of cheetahs at Kuno National Park has reached a rate of 10 within less than a year!

In a shocking turn of events, the death toll of cheetahs at Kuno National Park has reached a staggering 10 within less than a year! Since March 2023, seven adult cheetahs and three cubs have tragically lost their lives. The most recent victim, a cheetah named Shaurya from Namibia, awaits a post-mortem examination to determine the cause of death.

Under the government’s Project Cheetah, a total of 20 cheetahs were relocated from Namibia and South Africa to Kuno National Park in two separate batches. The first batch arrived in September 2022, followed by the second in February 2023. This ambitious project aims to reintroduce cheetahs into the wild in India, where they have been extinct for nearly seven decades.

However, the shocking news of Shaurya’s demise raises concerns about the management and scientific approach of Project Cheetah. Wildlife experts from both India and abroad have been questioning the poor handling of the situation. With only 13 adult cheetahs remaining at Kuno, consisting of six males and seven females, the future of this project hangs in the balance. Additionally, there are four cubs, including a lone female from the first litter born in March 2023 and three more born in December 2023.

It is imperative that immediate action is taken to address the alarming number of cheetah deaths and ensure the success of Project Cheetah. The fate of these magnificent creatures and the restoration of their population in India depend on it.

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