Japan Auto Show 2023: Yamaha Tricera electric three-wheeler concept unveiled

Yamaha has unveiled a new three-wheel open electric autocycle at Japan Mobility Show 2023 in Tokyo.. It is called Tricera and comes with two wheels in the front and a single wheel at the rear. The vehicle is designed for personal mobility to deliver an “unparalleled feeling of freedom of an open-top car but also a new Kando-filled driving experience”.. As of now, Yamaha has not announced any plans to make a production-spec version of the Tricera.

Source: Yamaha Tricera comes with a unique styling.© Provided by Hindustan Times

In terms of looks, the Tricera does look quite unique something straight out of a video game.. It still does not look as aggressive as the Polaris Slingshot which is also a three-wheeled vehicle. The Tricera comes with a ‘highly responsive’ powertrain and chassis. The three-wheel steering has been designed to enhance agility and stability. Yamaha is also offering manual control for the rear wheel.
Yamaha says, “This three-wheel open-top electric autocycle pursues the unfiltered joy derived from operating a highly responsive vehicle.. Its development concept is “Delightful Urban Mobility:
When body, mind, and machine become an organic whole”. This personal transportation vehicle not only offers the unparalleled freedom of a convertible but also offers a new driving experience with Kando* with its three-wheel steering system.. TRICERA’s human-centric packaging stems from the degree of controllability in changing the center of the vehicle’s rotation through the phase and counter phase of the rear wheels. Additionally, allowing users to select a manual driving mode for the rear wheels helps them experience a sense of accomplishment when acquiring and developing new driving skills. Modern mobility is moving towards autonomous driving, but that’s exactly why Yamaha Motor went back to basics and discovered the Kando created when a person takes control.

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