Final Countdown: Israel Mounts Air Strike On Gaza To Create ‘Best Conditions’ For Ground Attack.

Israel organizes air strikes on Hamas locations in Gaza to create the best conditions for military movement. Israel Defense Forces (IDF) spokesman Daniel Hagari said the IDF is ready to enter the next phase of the war. He also pointed to Israel’s preparations for the second phase of a declared three-phase campaign to change the security regime in Gaza. Israel has deployed hundreds of thousands of soldiers and several tanks to prepare for a ground attack in Gaza.
“From today, we will intensify strikes and reduce danger,” Hagari said yesterday. In a further sign that Israel is ready to begin the second phase of its three-step plan to change “security arrangements” in Gaza, IDF Chief of Staff Herzi Halevi on Saturday informed commanders of the elite Golani infantry brigade that they should anticipate unexpected challenges. and strategies. designed by terrorist organizations when they infiltrated the Gaza Strip.

“We will enter the Gaza Strip. We will begin a professional and operational mission to destroy Hamas members, Hamas infrastructure, and we will also remember the images, sightings and deaths from Shabbat (Saturday). Seven) two weeks ago,” Halevi told commanders.
Shabbat was observed on October 7 when Hamas terrorists launched an unprecedented attack on Israel, killing approximately 1,400 people. Israel has launched a massive counteroffensive against the Islamist militant group that has ruled Gaza since 2007.
A tragic toll of more than 1,400 lives has been reported in Israel following a devastating terrorist attack orchestrated by a Palestinian militant group in the southern region of the Jewish state. Additionally, at least 210 individuals have been captured and official estimates suggest this number may continue to rise. Meanwhile, Israel’s subsequent attack is estimated to have claimed the lives of about 4,385 Palestinians in Gaza. (With PTI input)

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