MedAlliance, USD 1.135 Billion Deal

MedAlliance, a Pioneering Medical Device Startup, acquired by Cordis of USA in a Landmark USD 1.135 Billion Deal

MedAlliance, a Swiss company that develops innovative medical devices for cardiovascular diseases, has announced that it has been acquired by Cordis, a global leader in interventional vascular technology and a subsidiary of Cardinal Health, based in the United States. The deal, which is valued at USD 1.135 billion, is one of the largest acquisitions of a medical device startup in history and a testament to the groundbreaking work of MedAlliance.

MedAlliance was founded in 2008 by Dr. Jeffrey B. Jump, a renowned cardiologist and entrepreneur who previously co-founded and led several successful medical device companies. MedAlliance’s flagship product is the SELUTION SLR™, a sirolimus-eluting balloon that delivers a controlled and sustained release of drug to the vessel wall, preventing restenosis and promoting healing. The SELUTION SLR™ has received CE Mark approval in Europe and is currently undergoing clinical trials in the US and Japan.

Cordis, which has a strong presence in the global market for vascular devices, saw the potential of MedAlliance’s technology and decided to acquire the company to expand its portfolio and offer more solutions to patients and physicians. Cordis will leverage its extensive distribution network and clinical expertise to bring the SELUTION SLR™ to more regions and indications. Cordis will also continue to support MedAlliance’s research and development activities and foster its culture of innovation.

The acquisition of MedAlliance is a win-win situation for both parties, as well as for the medical device industry and the patients who suffer from cardiovascular diseases. MedAlliance’s technology will benefit from Cordis’s scale and reach, while Cordis will gain access to a novel and promising platform that can address unmet clinical needs. The deal also reflects the growing recognition and value of medical device startups that are creating cutting-edge solutions for challenging health problems.

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