Doctors in India can now only prescribe generic medicines!!!

If you’ve ever been to a pharmacy, chances are you’ve had a pharmacist tell you that some of the drugs on your prescription aren’t available, but they can give you the same medicine but of a different brand. other brand. also less expensive.

And you may have bought the alternative medicine provided by the pharmacist because it is the same and cheaper.

What you just bought is called generic medicine and in the future, it will become the practice for doctors all over India.

This is because the National Medical Council (NMC) has regulated that doctors can currently only prescribe generic drugs.

Under the new NMC guidelines, all doctors will be required to prescribe generic drugs without compliance, they will be fined and even their license could be suspended for a certain period of time. . But the decision to force doctors to prescribe only generic drugs has met with resistance from the medical community.

The Indian Medical Association (IMA) treats crosswalks like trains running without tracks.

The IMA further stated that if the rollout of generic drugs is serious, the government should only license generic and non-branded drugs while ensuring the quality of generic drugs.

One of the main issues that doctors and medical professionals point out about generics is quality.

Since pharmaceutical companies invent drugs, they have to go through several stages of quality control and safety before being approved. In most cases, the pharmaceutical company that invented it also received a patent for the same thing.

But after the patent expires, other pharmaceutical companies are also allowed to manufacture the same drug using the same formulation, in which case it becomes a generic drug.

Since the non-patented pharmaceutical company doesn’t have to invest in R&D, they can sell them at a lower price than the inventor. 

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