What To Know About Zuranolone-The First FDA-Approved Oral Pill For Postpartum Depression.

The Food and Drug Administration approved a medication intended to treat postpartum depression on Friday, the first oral treatment to treat the depressive disorder that affects an estimated one in seven women after childbirth.

The Food and Drug Administration on Friday approved a drug for postpartum depression, the first oral treatment to treat a depressive disorder that affects about one in seven women. after birth.

The FDA approved the drug zuranolone, made in pill form as “Zurzuvae” by Sage Therapeutics and Biogen, saying the drug can “provide rapid improvement” for women with symptoms of depression. postpartum feelings, including cognitive impairment, feelings of sadness or inadequacy. loss of energy or thoughts of suicide.

Zuranolone acts as a neurosteroid that binds to GABA receptors in the brain, helping to reset imbalanced neurotransmitters in people with a number of disorders, including depression, schizophrenia, and schizophrenia. other mood disorders.

Zurzuvae was tested in two randomized, double-blind trials — trials in which neither the participants nor the tester knew who was taking a placebo — which indicated that patients were given 50 milligrams of Zurzuvae “showed a significant improvement” in their symptoms after 15 days compared with a placebo group.

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Kristina Deligiannidis, director of women’s behavioral health at Zucker Hillside Hospital in New York, told Fortune the drug is remarkable because it can provide “rapid relief from depressive symptoms” as soon as three days . The FDA has also requested additional studies of the drug in adults with other major depressive disorders — which affect about 8.3% of American adults — according to the two companies, which said they are ” evaluate next steps”.

The companies say the drug will be marketed once the FDA classifies the drug as a controlled substance, which is expected to happen within 90 days.

Samantha Meltzer-Brody, director of the Center for Women’s Mood Disorders at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, told the Washington Post that the drug “will be a game changer in the treatment of maternal depression.”

This is an estimate of the number of women in the United States who experience symptoms of postpartum depression each year, according to Postpartum Support International.

Postpartum depression, commonly known as the “baby blues,” some women experience after giving birth, although most tend to experience fewer symptoms two weeks after giving birth.

Symptoms usually appear within the first two to three days after birth – and sometimes during pregnancy – and can last for several years.

Up to half of mothers with postpartum depression do not disclose their symptoms. According to the Maternal Mental Health Policy Center, an estimated 20% of all maternal deaths after childbirth are due to suicide.

Before the FDA approved zuranolone, the only federally approved option for the treatment of postpartum depression was brexanolone, a drug marketed as Zulresso that was only available by intravenous infusion. 

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