EXPLAINED: What Is WormGPT? The Evil Cousin Of ChatGPT Made For Scammers With ‘No Ethical Boundaries’

According to the website, WormGPT is based on the GPTJ language model developed in 2021. It contains six billion parameters and has a vocabulary size of 50257 tokens – exactly the same as OpenAI’s GPT-2.

OpenAI’s ChatGPT, released last year, surprised the world with its impressive capabilities. ChatGPT is a generative language model that can quickly generate text that closely resembles human language. Recently, a chatbot named WormGPT was discovered.

WormGPT is similar to ChatGPT but lacks ethical boundaries or limitations. Cybersecurity firm SlashNext confirmed that WormGPT, created with malicious intent, is a sophisticated AI model. This situation demonstrates the potential risks associated with AI modules based on the GPT-J language model, as they could be harmful even when used by inexperienced individuals.

What is WormGPT?

“`WormGPT is based on the powerful open-source LLM GPT-J model, harnessing its capabilities to generate malware and create templates for phishing emails. This cutting-edge technology is undeniably intriguing, showcasing the possibilities that exist. However, it is crucial to acknowledge the potential risks associated with such tools and the importance of utilizing them responsibly.“`

It functions similarly to ChatGPT in multiple regards – receiving requests in human language and subsequently producing the desired output, encompassing everything from summaries to code. However, devoid of ethical considerations, WormGPT presents a hazardous iteration of ChatGPT or Bard in numerous aspects.

In a test undertaken by SlashNext, WormGPT’s capabilities were described as “unsettling.” They instructed the AI chatbot to develop a phishing email, otherwise known as a business email compromise (BEC) attack. Unsurprisingly, WormGPT was able to nail it. WormGPT designed something “remarkably persuasive but also strategically cunning, showcasing its potential for sophisticated phishing and BEC attacks,” the report said.

Adrianus Warmenhoven, a renowned cybersecurity expert at NordVPN, has aptly dubbed WormGPT as “ChatGPT’s malevolent counterpart,” as reported by PCGamer. This seasoned expert further elaborated that the development of WormGPT can be attributed to an intriguing “cat and mouse” game between ChatGPT’s imposed limitations by OpenAI and the relentless determination of malicious actors to surpass them.

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