Sickick unleashes a hard-hitting remix of ILLENIUM’s ‘Eyes Wide Shut’.

After the pop-rock-tinged melodies of “Eyes Wide Shut” hit the charts, ILLENIUM’s latest record shared glimpses of a punk-esque venture, complete with vocals from Avril Lavigne and percussion from Travis Barker.

Now upping the ante, Sickick adds his own unique touch to the record, adding an electronic spin with his own vocals.

Sickick is no stranger to the charts already; with his track “Frozen,” featuring Madonna and Fireboy DML, became a mammoth hit on both Spotify and TikTok, accumulating millions of plays and features.

While he loves remixing, his excitement to showcase his original works and explore new musical horizons brings forth his next musical focus.

With a portfolio of impressive collaborations and his solo artistry, Sickick’s music continues to captivate audiences and push boundaries.

When asked about what guided this latest remix, Sickick gives insight into what fans should expect to hear, “I rebuilt the entire track from scratch in terms of production; new progressions, new sounds. I wanted to make sure I had control over all the elements, and it was really important to me to envision a sound that would sound great on large speakers in the large crowds that ILLENIUM brings out to all of his events. Not to mention a brand new verse by yours truly!”.

Reimagining “Eyes Wide Shut”: 

The DJ was determined to retain the essence of what made people fall in love with the original song. While he revamped the entire beat, he made sure to keep the arrangement of the original vocals intact, believing that this would be appreciated by the fans who enjoyed the original version. However, he didn’t set any strict rules or boundaries for himself and allowed his creativity to flow freely. The part where he manipulated Avril’s voice was particularly special to him, and it blended perfectly with the aggressive drums on the drop section. Interestingly, he deliberately chose heavy rock-inspired drum sounds instead of typical EDM ones, as a tribute to Illenium’s larger-than-life stage sound. The entire process came together in a fascinating way in his studio.

A Remarkable Journey 

When inquired about his motivation for selecting this specific song, Sickick enthusiastically shared his fondness for Avril Lavigne and Travis Barker, expressing his eagerness to infuse his unique touch into the record. The chance to remix the track emerged from the collaboration between their respective teams, leading to a momentous musical endeavor. Despite the usual obstacles encountered in remixing, Sickick found himself profoundly inspired throughout the artistic journey, successfully completing the entire remix in a mere two days.

An Energy-Fueled Release: 

Through his mesmerizing remix of “Eyes Wide Shut,” Sickick masterfully channels a breathtaking surge of electrifying energy. With unwavering focus and his eyes sealed shut throughout the creative process, he vividly envisions the track resounding through the very core of a colossal audience, numbering a staggering 100,000, as their hands soar skyward in ecstatic unity. Sickick’s unwavering mission is to ignite a profound sense of joy and weightlessness within his listeners, leaving an indelible imprint of exhilaration and euphoria that lingers long after the music fades away.

He confidently expresses, “I would frequently shut my eyes throughout the production, constantly envisioning this drop seamlessly resonating with a massive crowd of 100,000 people, their hands raised high in the air. A magnificent surge of energy. My only desire is for everyone to experience pure happiness and a sense of weightlessness after listening to the track.”

Future Horizons

Looking ahead, Sickick is eager to shake things up and delve into uncharted territory, breaking free from the constraints of remixes. While he will still dish out epic remixes, he aspires to push the boundaries and unveil the vast expanse of his artistic prowess. This virtuoso is determined to leave no stone unturned, tapping into unexplored realms and showcasing the unadulterated fruit of his boundless creativity. Get ready to buckle up and witness the magic unfold!

While he absolutely adores remixing, he’s fully aware that listeners derive immense pleasure from his original tracks as well. With an air of unshakable confidence, he unequivocally states, “I’ve unequivocally demonstrated my extraordinary aptitude in the remix realm, and without a shadow of a doubt, I intend to continue breaching new boundaries. However, my undivided attention is now firmly fixated on unveiling to the world the sheer extent of my capabilities in the realm of originality, a pivotal aspect of my artistic journey. It fills me with an indescribable exhilaration to employ every ounce of wisdom and mastery accumulated thus far to forge the magnificence that is now being created within the sacred confines of the studio. The intensity of my anticipation to exhibit my creations to the world is simply insurmountable!”

Sickick unleashes hard-hitting remix of ILLENIUM’s ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ – Dancing Astronaut : Dancing Astronaut

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