2024 Chevy Traverse Takes On A More Rugged Look, Gets More Tech

It’s been 15 years since Chevrolet first entered the large three-row crossover segment with the Traverse and in the intervening years, that segment has grown by more than two and a half times.

That means it’s time for a full redesign with the 2024 Chevrolet Traverse hitting the streets early next year.

Chevrolet unwrapped the new Traverse at an event at its Lansing Delta Township Assembly plant in Michigan where it is built alongside the Buick Envoy.

In recent years we’ve seen some automakers start to diverge the looks of some models, shifting to either a more car-like design or adopting a more rugged, truckish appearance that hints at something more like a traditional SUV. Ford did this by bifurcating its compact utilities into the Escape and the new Bronco Sport.

The new Traverse takes a distinct step toward the truck side, especially in the new Z71 trim.

Over its three generations, the Traverse has gradually shifted from a sleeker, more aero look toward something more closely related to the body-on-frame Tahoe.

Up front, the new Traverse has a much chunkier, squared-off stance than before with the slim horizontal running lamps across the top of the corners and headlights down below.

At the rear, the taillamps are comprised of two thin strips with the top one wrapping horizontally around the corner and the lower strip angling downward just like the upcoming Blazer EV. One of the recurring trends we’ve seen in the last few years is adding a more aggressively off-road trim like the Nissan Pathfinder Rock Creek and Ford Explorer Timberline.

Not to be left out, the LS, LT, and RS Traverse are joined by the Z71 model for 2024.

The front fascia gets a molded-in component that looks vaguely like a brush guard along with some tow hooks to help when winching the Traverse out of places it’s not really prepared to go and an aluminum skid plate to protect the fragile bits on a trail.

It’s not the type of hard-core four-wheel-drive you’ll get on the likes of a Jeep Wrangler or Ford Bronco, but it certainly adds a lot more capability than the other Traverse variants.

The Z71 also gets a standard towing package and depending on the Traverse configuration it can again tow up to 5,000 lbs.

The new engine generates 315 hp and 317 lb-ft of torque, 5 hp more than the outgoing 3.6-liter V6 and 22 lb-ft more than the previous 2.0-liter four.

In the cabin, the new Traverse inherits a lot of the design DNA of its smaller electric siblings, the Equinox EV and Blazer EV. The landscape 17.7-inch infotainment touchscreen is in a similar housing to the EVs with the 11-inch digital instrument cluster display slightly overlapping it.

Unlike the circular vents on the Blazer, the Traverse goes for the more subdued slim horizontal vents.

Unlike the upcoming EVs, the Traverse will still have support for phone projection with Apple Carplay and Android Auto.

New to the Traverse for the coming year is the availability of Super Cruise hands-free driving on all but the base LS trim.

Other safety features in the Traverse include Buckle to Drive and the Teen Driver mode through the MyChevy app.

The OnStar Teen driver mode captures statistics to help coach young drivers such as how many overspeed warnings they got, collision alerts, traction or stability control engagements, and more.

More info on the 2024 Traverse will undoubtedly be forthcoming over the next six months prior to going on sale early next year.

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