‘Competition Is Fine Cheating Is Not,’ As Elon Musk Threatens To Sue Meta Internet Reacts With Hilarious Memes

While no one knows for sure if Mark Zuckerberg vs Elon Musk cage fight is going to happen anytime soon nonetheless the duo are exchanging blows online.

Even before the launch of Meta’s Thread, Twitter’s billionaire boss has been slamming the app.

Ex-boss Jack Dorsey wasn’t any welcoming either about Mark Zuckerberg’s answer to Twitter.

Dorsey earlier called out the data privacy of the Thread app.

Elon Musk responded to Jack’s tweet in agreement.

On the 6th of July Thread app unspooled for the lays and the app has seen over 30 million subscriptions within a day! That is not only a record but a solid Zuck punch on Musk’s endeavor to float the bird app that’s hanging by a thread, quite literally.

Zuck didn’t miss the opportunity to troll the troll supreme of Twitter, by tweeting a spidey meme on his account, a first in nearly 12 years!

So how does Musk respond? A meme? No! Litigation, of course.

Twitter has filed a lawsuit against Meta for unlawful misappropriation of the company’s trade secrets and IP. Elon Musk’s lawyer Alex Spiro has sent a cease and desist letter to the Meta boss.

Musk remarks that competition is fine by all means, but stealing doesn’t cut it.

Did Zuckerberg steal? After a tumultuous Twitter takeover, followed by massive layoffs and numerous changes, quite a few apps popped up as the next Twitter.

None of them made a mark, even as the user base of the bird app grew over time.

Finally, there’s a worthy contender backed by a heavyweight.

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