Van Gisbergen expresses interest in tackling a NASCAR oval challenge.

New Zealand racing driver Shane van Gisbergen has revealed his desire to take on the challenge of racing on a NASCAR oval. Known for his success in various motorsports disciplines, including Supercars and GT racing, van Gisbergen expressed his interest in experiencing the unique demands of oval racing in NASCAR.

Van Gisbergen’s interest was sparked during a recent visit to the United States, where he had the opportunity to witness a NASCAR race firsthand. The intensity, high-speed action, and close-quarters racing on the oval track left a lasting impression on him.

Having achieved considerable success in his racing career, including winning the Bathurst 1000 and Supercars championship, van Gisbergen is no stranger to adapting to different racing environments. He sees NASCAR oval racing as a new and exciting challenge that would push his skills and broaden his racing repertoire.

While acknowledging the significant differences between his current racing disciplines and NASCAR oval racing, van Gisbergen is eager to explore the possibility of getting behind the wheel of a NASCAR stock car. He recognizes the need for specialized training and familiarization with the unique techniques required to navigate the high-speed ovals, where drafting, pack racing, and precise positioning are crucial.

Van Gisbergen’s interest in NASCAR oval racing reflects his passion for pushing boundaries and seeking new racing adventures. While no concrete plans have been announced regarding his NASCAR ambitions, his openness to taking on the challenge could potentially lead to exciting opportunities to showcase his skills on the iconic oval tracks of NASCAR.

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