A colossal cave in Mexico that formed 15 million years ago is even more enormous than we thought

The Sistema Huautla in Oaxaca is the 10th deepest cave on Earth, and an explorer with a 2023 expedition to map the system has added over 700 feet to its length.

The deepest cave in the Western Hemisphere – the Sistema Huautla in Mexico – is even longer than originally thought, scientists and cavers have discovered.

Cave explorers expanded the map of Sistema Huautla, a cave system in the Sierra Mazateca mountains in the southern Mexican state of Oaxaca, by 728 feet.

This means the known length of the cave is just over 62.7 miles – but further exploration may reveal it is even longer.

Sistema Huautla, the 10th deepest cave in the world, was first discovered in the 1960s by cavers from Austin, Texas.

There are 26 connected entrances to the cave, which is estimated to be up to 15 million years old, according to the statement.

The information and data collected during the expeditions are shared with cave scientists in Mexico.

The expeditions have helped scientists learn more about how life adapts to cave environments and have photographed the paleontological remains of extinct animals.

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