4,500-year-old ‘Stonehenge’ sanctuary discovered in the Netherlands

An artist’s interpretation of the sanctuary’s layout for rituals in what is now the Netherlands.

People were buried at the sanctuary over a period of 800 years, according to a translated statement from the Municipality of Tiel, where the remnants of mounds, ditches, a flat burial field and a farm were discovered.

Image credit: Municipality of Tiel) Although the sanctuary doesn’t have stone boulders like Stonehenge does, it appears that the largest burial mound served as a calendar that helped people mark the sun’s movements, the researchers said in a translated statement.

Excavations at the ancient sanctuary in Tiel.

Researchers discovered the site at an industrial estate known as the Medel business park in late 2016 and spent the next year excavating it.

Now it is clear how unique this find and this sanctuary” are.

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